Mann Audio is one of the leading companies in Australia that offers professional services such as audio installation, projector hire, audio repairs and sales. The company, originally owned by Jason Mann, has been in the business for around 15 years. The company has been dealing with a lot of satisfied clients over the years for the various services that are offered.

Mann Audio supply audio systems for concerts of local or high profile artists, events, shows and tours for hire. Mann Audio always ensures quality of services and aim proper communication to every commitment scheduled. We ensure quality of systems leased, as we do regular and meticulous maintenance before and after deployment. We offer a selection of small dry hire conference packages for you to choose from, which suits your major events or festivals.

Mann Audio offers services for full professional audio installation to varieties of venues such as concert halls, bars, clubs, theaters, churches or cars. Aside from the installation service it also includes design and maintenance. Rest assured that we always aim to meet our clients’ needs in every possible way.

Audio repair of any kind is enlisted to one of our services as we want to maximize our scope in terms of audio experience. Mann Audio Company wants to impart the love for music with the professional services that are offered. We offer wide array of sound solutions, from the needed audio settings, design, servicing and repair of the equipments and case fabrication.

Mann Audio Sales offers you with wide range of top quality audio systems and equipments from leading manufacturing companies in the world. The company offer amplifiers, consoles, speaker systems and outboard. We would offer you the best price possible and guarantee that you would get huge savings without compromising the quality of the systems purchased.

The best thing about that company is all your needs are catered with the best team. Our team is collaborated with experienced and trained technicians, engineers, stage hand and crews who are willing to take care of everything, so in the time of the event you no longer need to worry and be stress free about everything.

To know more about our company or want to get hold of our professional services, contact us and talk to Jason Mann at 02 9943 3454 or email us at Our headquarters is located at 15 Loveridge Street 2015, NSW Australia.